Minority Student Caucus / Minority Health Conference history in video


Promotional videos

https://vimeo.com/98144081  (UNC Minority Health Conference - Past & Present) [3 min]

https://vimeo.com/86280710  (35th Annual Minority Health Conference, 2014) [3 min]

http://www.minority.unc.edu/sph/minconf/2009InterestMeetingSlideshow.pdf  (Interest meeting for the 2010 Minority Health Conference) [Powerpoint]


Brief conference vignettes

http://youtu.be/pkoYdC-mdtU  (33rd annual conference, 2012 – break)

http://youtu.be/aAK2EyxqaTA  (33rd annual conference, 2012 – break)


https://youtu.be/QiXxWfcUWxs  (34th annual conference, 2013 – arrival, registration, exhibits)

https://youtu.be/u4pTePvwGPw  (34th annual conference, 2013 – break)


http://youtu.be/tm6_AXN3DZg  (35th annual conference, 2014 – lunch)



http://youtu.be/wmSBFZf_Yjo  -  First planning meeting for the 34th annual (2013) conference, with co-chairs Adrienne Gill and Chassidy Hanley, including a short presentation by Bill Jenkins about the founding of the Conference


http://youtu.be/1TZ7t5lt3EM  -  First planning meeting for the 35th annual (2014) conference, with co-chairs Charla Hodges and Maryka Lier; Geni Eng and Bill Jenkins talk about the founding of the conference.


http://youtu.be/f3_P95shj4E  -  Zakiyah Williams and Jason Mose convene the first Minority Student Caucus meeting of the 2013-2014 academic year, September 4, 2013, including a brief recounting of the history of the Caucus.


At the February 6, 2014 Minority Student Caucus general body meeting, Bill Jenkins talks at some length about the founding of the annual Minority Health Conference and his personal odyssey (see also the interview with Vic at “More video”).

part 1 - https://youtu.be/9XdkS_mA7W4

part 2 - http://youtu.be/_NKNLRpIcqY

part 3 - https://youtu.be/gdCKqnIkF8M


More video with Bill Jenkins



All Past Conferences since 1977

List of all past annual Minority Health Conferences and Keynote Lectures

See www.minority.unc.edu/resources/webcasts/ Full-length webcasts for all past MHC keynotes since 2002 (plus National Health Equity Research Webcasts)